The Great Seal of Jicarilla Apache Nation


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"The Jicarilla Apache Nation is located in the scenic mountains and rugged mesas of northern New Mexico near the Colorado border. There are approximately 2,755 tribal members, most of whom live in the town of Dulce."

"The Jicarilla Apaches, by many accounts, have invested wisely. Or at least, ambitiously. Among their purchases are some of the biggest properties in the area adjoining their more than 800,000-acre reservation in north-central New Mexico. In purchasing the Theis, El Poso and mostly recently, Willow Creek ranches for roughly $40 million, the tribe has increased its land holdings by at least one-tenth.The Great Seal of the Jicarilla Apaches, framed by an outline of the old reservation, still hasn't caught up with the new geographic realities. ….it's the Jicarilla’s vision of how to care for the land - not just their willingness to buy it - that entices potential sellers.”

jicarillaapachealantafoya.jpg“Alan Tafoya is a full blood Jicarilla Apache/ Red Side Plains People from Dulce, New Mexico. He has achieved success as an actor, singer and songwriter. Alan's professional acting career started in 1998 in Farmington, New Mexico in a professional play entitled: The Black River Traders which led to Alan's 1st film "All the Pretty Horses." He has worked in film, television, commercials, documentaries and on stage and is also a singer, songwriter and musician.... he is well known for The Deadliest Warrior Series "Apache Vs Gladiator", McGruder as an assassin, 2 Time Combat Knife Champion 1999 & 2000 on the documentary “Dancing on the Edge!" Alan is proud of his Jicarilla heritage and culture. "I remember what my father told me. “Born Apache, live Apache and someday die Apache." My father kept it real for me.  To this day I do my best to represent my family & my people Jicarilla Apaches in a good way.”