Heirloom Button Jewelry - New Orleans Style

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Custom, Handmade Jewelry Spotlight – Barry & Jacque Negrotto - New Orleans

Barry & Jacque Negrotto were in the jewelry business for over 17 years. New Orleans residents would go to them for custom made wedding rings, birthdays and other special occasions to make a one of a kind jewelry piece. Barry died in 2014 and Jacque closed their distinctively New Orleans shop.

Joyce’s Variety Shop was fortunate enough to purchase a few of Barry & Jacque’s custom, handmade Old Button Ears collection earrings made with heirloom buttons. Cameos, cats and trees. Truly exquisite & unique! We love them.

Thank you Barry & Jacque for your artistry and creativity.  Thank you for your very special jewelry.

olde button cameo collage-2017-10-07.jpgolde button cat family celebration collage-2017-10-22.jpgolde button earrings mama cat collage-2017-10-22.jpgolde button earrings metalic tree collage-2017-10-22.jpg